Advisory and Cultural Consulting

In today’s society it has become normal to have contacts and relations all over the world. It is not unusual to communicate across cultures on a daily basis. However, it tends to be disregarded that there are not only language barriers to overcome. Intercultural competence is crucial to successful communication.

As an international business, we have collected longstanding experience in bringing people from different cultures together. Along with the command of global languages, expansive knowledge of intercultural relations and local understanding of numerous regions, we aim to help clients with international business needs. We work hand in hand with management and operations to understand their objectives. Our finely tuned process begins with the review of previous work and our associates then identify central problems and provide individual assistance for improvement.


We work on open ended projects, whether your company wants to enter foreign markets, cater to international client’s needs or prepare their employees for journeys abroad. Our culturally tuned solutions will help your business achieve its goals and broaden its horizon.


Please feel free to contact us and we can develop the best possible proposition for your company.

Since the complexity of tasks can be diverse, according to the kinds of business and the individual requirements, we reserve the right to agree on individual rates with our clients.