Editing Services

A text, whether it be at school, on a website or for the employer, always includes a message that goes beyond the content. Flawless texts can convince the reader that the author is diligent and reliable. That's exactly what we want to help with!

With longstanding experience, German Fox not only offers editing concerning grammar and punctuation, but also individual feedback regarding structure and readability of your German or English text. We stand out due to our perfectionist accuracy that leads to precise and flawless results and satisfied clients.

Our employees carefully read every text, correct mistakes and provide suggestions for improvement of choice of words and construction. Additionally, we provide general feedback on your personal strengths and weaknesses that will help you in the future.



We proofread term papers as well as theses and any other essays of scholarly kind. An examination of your sources and bibliography can take place as well. Additionally, upon request we can take care of formatting for you. What makes us unique is the individual feedback we provide when proofreading that lastingly improves our client’s writing skills.

We accept inquiries regardless of the field of study and focus on the coherency and clarity of the content itself.


Additionally to revising existing professional texts, upon request we can also compose texts that fit your target group and meet your company’s needs. With the individual results we provide, our objective is to develop a strong understanding of your company’s goals and to help reach these through customized editing solutions.

We accept inquiries regardless of the industry and subject and check whether the content is coherent in itself. We edit contents of any kind and proofread any texts that require improvement.


Upon request, we can edit existing personal texts and also compose well-worded and universally usable texts that meet your individual needs in either German or English.

Whether it be a letter of correspondence, reaching out to family members or texts of any other kind, we will find a solution. Feel free to let us know what you require!


Depending on complexity and length of the text, editing takes place within only a few days.

We have numerous happy clients, which we were able to help not only for a single text, but also lastingly due to the individual feedback we offer and the time we invest for each task. 


Contact us today so we can find the best solution for you!